Native Planet
Native Planet is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the self-empowerment of indigenous peoples and the preservation of world ethnic cultures. Traditional groups are not only global role models for successful conservation and sustainable consumption of natural resources; they are also the guardians of our planet's remaining wilderness and biological diversity.

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MasterMind Video Productions
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Chris Graber
Chris Graber lives in Southern California and escapes the the corporate world as often as possible. Cramming the maximum number of so–called vacation days into each year, he travels near and far in search of seldom seen landscapes, new faces and a better understanding of the rest of the world.

A third generation amateur photographer, Chris developed a passion for exploration and photography while living in Hawaii. Since then, he has traveled to the Andes, Central America, Tibetan Plateau and East Greenland.

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Gilberto Alemancia
Location: Panama, Central America
Gilberto Alemancia is an independent eco-tourism consultant - he is also an advisor on various eco-tourism programs in indigenous communities for Central America, Asia and Panama. He has given talks on ecotourism, conservation and culture at universities throughtout Central & South America, Asia and Europe. He has also spoken at various internacional eco-tourism conferences for Outside and National Geographic Magazines.

Gilberto is known throughout the travel and tourism industries as "the best guide in Panama". His stunning photos bear witness to his wealth of knowledge and artistic insight into the landscapes, people and culture of this amazing region.

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D Edward Hess
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