Giraffic Parks Consulting will help you unleash the power of your zoo or park by creating a new and dynamic paradigm to articulate your message as never before.  

   “How do we reach people? How do we make them care about what we care about?
    and “How do we inspire them to action?”
Quick Insight
The questions above are rippling through many education-focused facilities today. They are asked by those who have dedicated their lives to conservation and preservation education.

This program addresses all of these questions and more. It emphasizes and bridges the relationships of existence, responsibility and sustainability for all living systems as one ecosystem teaching one universal law—

       "We are no greater than the least of which sustains us."

Launi Griffith of Giraffic Parks Consulting has created an inspirational model program. Each guest’s visit becomes an emotional and memorable life experience with the implementation of a revolutionary and proven method of learning.

It is important to continually evaluate your ultimate goal. If your goals have evolved from not only providing educational fun but to also positively change the conduct and perspective of our culture for all living systems, then this is the program for you and your facility, for all of us – including those in your wonderful exhibits.

It is done without changing the terrific information that you already offer.

This is a self–guided audio tour that targets visitors 7 years of age to adult.
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