A little about me
While I was a volunteer, I was moved by the questions of Tony Vecchio, a zoo director, when he asked: "How do we reach people? How do we make them care about what we care about? And how do we inspire them to action?"

Consequently, I have spent four years in research and development, answering those three questions with a scope that surprised everyone, including me. The answer was this program. Those questions spoke to everything that I have done in my 23 professional years in the travel and airline industry as a Regional Manager of Sales and as a Manager of corporate training, where I always instinctively used music to augment the classes and lessons that I developed.

I have expertise in program research and development, directed new company training, developed multiple syllabuses, and instructed training classes for corporate training programs.

As a regional manager of sales, I excelled in corporate sales, public speaking, and organized promotional events, as well as initiated client and employee incentive programs. I have always enjoyed developing and improving products, so this program was exhilarating for me.